Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Springtime: A Pleasure or a Pain?

It's amazing to me how the trees can be barren for months, and then all of a sudden...POW!

one of my trees

Unfortunately along with the explosion of green, there's also been an explosion of pollen. I was just out in a parking lot, and all the cars are covered with this coating of yellowish green dust. My husband jokingly calls it "tree sperm." But I guess that's kind of what pollen is. The trees are all vibrantly orgasming!

People like me who suffer from severe allergies take Spring as a mixed blessing. On one hand, the sun and gorgeous weather and blossoming of color are all so wonderful. On the other hand, the sneezing and wheezing is sure a pain in the ass. And take it from someone who tried two years of allergy shots with no relief, I have considered moving straight to the desert so I could avoid having to deal with the side effects of all this pollen!

What are your thoughts about spring? Are you one of those lucky bastards who has no allergies and can just go on a nice walk in the park without even getting one tiny itch in your eye? Or are you like me, who has to take multiple antihistamines and supplements and vacuum the house frequently to avoid falling into a vat of hayfever? And if you do have allergies, how do you handle them?




  1. No hay fever for me, fortunately but my sister gets it really badly. She has found that honey made by local bees helps a bit as it is matched to the local pollen or something. No, its the upsurge in hormones in spring that gets me!

    1. I have heard that local honey can really help with it. Maybe I should give that a good, honest effort. I've tried it in the past but I never can stick with it. I think you need to let it build up in your system.

      Hahah, so you get ready to have some spring flings!

    2. My friend A has suggested that we combine the hormonal upsurge with the honey in one event!