Sunday, September 10, 2017

ROADS Spotlight 3: Cadillac Ranch

Continuing my ROADS Spotlight series (Part 1 can be found --> here <-- and Part 2 can be found --> here <--), I wanted to make sure I included a post about Cadillac Ranch.

In the second half of the novel, as Leilani and JC make their journey back from Colorado, they stop at a unique spot in Amarillo, Texas called Cadillac Ranch. If you've ever been to Amarillo, you know that this panhandle town is known more for its touristy cowboy vibe than its art scene (for example, the infamous The Big Texan restaurant). But that's what makes Cadillac Ranch so groovy and special.

Set out in a field off of Interstate 40, one can see the line of Cadillac cars, covered in graffiti.

The interactive exhibit was installed back in 1974, and according to Trip Advisor, "This offbeat roadside attraction features 10 graffiti-covered Cadillacs standing upright in a row, buried nose-first in the ground. The sculpture is the brainchild of Amarillo millionaire Stanley Marsh III, who chose classics dating from 1948 to 1963, the "Golden Age" of the American automobile."

Over the years, people have come to view the "ranch," take pictures, and even spray-paint the cars and take pieces of them as souvenirs.

When I was younger, I had moved from Texas to Colorado when my mother got remarried. Every year, my dad would come up to get me and my brothers for the summer. On the road, we'd pass by this ranch coming and going, and I always thought it was so cool looking. So naturally it had to wind up in one of my books. ;)



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ROADS Spotlight 2: The Allure of Caves

In my new novel, Roads and Revelations, one of the places my girls visit during their road trip is a cave just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I pulled details of this specific cave from a recent experience in the summer of 2015. Here are a few snapshots I took while I was down in that fascinating little pocket of the world:

Ever since I went on my first cave tour a kid, I have been fascinated by them. They're almost otherworldly, yet they're right under our feet. The temperature drop and the pitch-black darkness are creepy, yes, but when I look at the formations and realize how long it takes for stalagtites and stalagmites to form, the creepiness factor turns into one of scientific wonder for me.

In my early teen years, I was lucky enough to visit Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and that was an awe-inspiring treat. There was one point where we were exactly a mile beneath the surface of the Earth, and we could make phone calls from a special phone booth to tell people where we were. There were also chasms next to the man-made path that our tour guide said could be miles deep, as they'd thrown things down them and never heard them hit bottom.

Other people find caves as frightening as they do fascinating. For example, I have seen the movie The Descent, which scared the hell out of me.

But I can assure you, in Roads, the cave scene is much more fun and romantic. ;)



Friday, August 18, 2017

Agent Triple P Blog Links!

Attention! This post is for all of the fans of Agent Triple P's blogs who have reached out to me in his absence. I have some links to share with you! Please click on the following:




So glad to have him back!



Sunday, August 13, 2017

ROADS Spotlight: Great Sand Dunes National Park

In my new LesFic novel Roads and Revelations, my girls stay the night at a hotel in Alamosa, Colorado, a city that used to be one of my old stomping grounds. I lived in the San Luis Valley from age 10 to almost 13, very formative years, and have fond memories of many adventures I had out in nature.

When one thinks of Colorado, it's probably not sand dunes that come to mind; however, the Great Sand Dunes National Park was one of the places I frequently visited, especially during the summer, when I lived in the area.

One of the first trips I made out there was with a group of my classmates when I was in 6th grade. We all piled into the school bus and as we made the drive out there, it was fascinating to watch the dunes grow. From a distance, the park looks like a giant sand box, but when you get closer, you start to realize how truly impressive the dunes are.

Even when you get to the park, you don't fully comprehend just how impressive they are. When you're hanging out, wading in the shallow river, looking up at the dunes and thinking about giving them a climb, you might think you could make it to the highest one in an hour. But when you actually start making the trek, not only does the sand's physical resistance add to the time it takes you to climb, you also realize once you get to the "highest" dune you spotted earlier, there is actually another one, even higher, far off in the distance. You can only see that dune if you climb the one you thought was the tallest.

I never tried to venture out past that first large dune. I was always content, once I'd reached the top of it, to look out and see how much more there really was out there. I'd stand there in awe, experiencing that state of peace that marvels of nature like the dunes can give to us humans: that realization that the world is so vast and overwhelming and you and whatever problems you think you have are so very small in comparison.

There's something special about Colorado in general that will always make me feel more connected to my spiritual core. It's one of my favorite places, and I was more than happy to feature it in the novel.



Sunday, August 6, 2017

War on the Catwalk 2017

Hello, darlings!

Last night I had so much fun at House of Blues in Dallas getting to experience drag queen greatness at War on the Catwalk live!

They put on an amazing show that lasted over two hours. Not only did they look great, they entertained the hell out of a sold-out audience. They made us laugh, they made us cry, and they made us feel empowered. It was so refreshing to spend time among such liberated, beautiful souls, not just onstage but also in the audience.

I was admittedly a little starstruck getting to meet all of them, especially since I had watched every episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 and felt like I had gotten to know them all through the process. They were all super sweet in person, especially the inspiring winner of the competition, the artistic and intelligent Sasha Velour. Also, the ultra-sexy Kimora Blac made me want to melt into a happy little puddle when she told me she loved my makeup. **Purr**

Here are the links to all of their Instagram pages. I listed them in clockwise order of the above photo, starting with Shea Coulee, who is sitting on the left side of the pic:

Shea Coulee

Eureka O'Hare

Trinity Taylor

Sasha Velour

Alexis Michelle

Kimora Blac

Farrah Moan



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Little Author Reading For You :)

I just recorded this short video in which I read to you the blurb and a short excerpt of my new novel (from my publisher's newsletter). Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I'm happy to announce that my new contemporary romance novel has released a couple of days early!

When Leilani finds herself at a major crossroads in her life, she takes a chance by reaching out to her old lover, JC. Although JC still holds a grudge about the way their relationship ended, she agrees to go on a road trip with Leilani. While they travel together, Leilani desperately hopes to repair their friendship. She also secretly hopes to rekindle their old college romance. But the primary reason for the road trip, which is to deliver three sets of boxes as part of honoring her late mother’s last wishes, may be the very thing that ends up tearing the two apart again.