Monday, November 24, 2014

A Wine Recommendation

This is going to be a super short post, but I wanted to recommend a wine for all the white wine-lovers out there.

Last night I tried a Sauvignon Blanc by SeaGlass, and it was wonderful. It was slightly sweeter than the other Sauvignon Blanc wines that I've had, but it was delicious. I imagine it'd go great with fish.

That's all! Happy Monday!



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pop Stars and Sex Marketing

I just read an interesting article that discusses the forced hyper-sexuality of our modern pop stars. I'm glad it didn't just slam pop stars for being sexual because for some, it fits. But it did also mention most are unfortunately put under pressure to do so--even if they aren't as "sexy" by nature. The article mentions Beyonce and how she comes at her "sexy" from a place of authenticity, which is always, well, sexier!

But sometimes pop stars try to play the sex kitten when it just looks awkward on them. Now, I think we're all sexual beings, but not everyone is Beyonce, nor should they try to be. In particular, I think of people like Ariana Grande, who it seems, has recently transitioned from being the cute girl character to attempting the sex goddess role...and I don't think it's a good fit for her. It seems forced, as if her star crew is forcing her to "be sexier" just for the marketing aspect of it.

What do you think? Think some pop stars are naturally sexy and others are forcing it, or do you think they should all flaunt what they've got?

Have a good week!



Monday, November 3, 2014

On the Creation of Characters and Keeping a Little to Ourselves

Today I spent some time getting inspired to work on my new WIP by listening to some tunes and browsing pics of my favorite celebs. There are a couple of people I decided to base some secondary characters on, looks-wise, but I'm not going to tell you who they are or what songs I was listening to! Why? Well, I'll try to explain.

Part of me thinks it's really fun to know what authors were listening to when they wrote a certain scene or to know exactly what famous person they based their main characters on. But the other part of me just doesn't want to know. And I think the part of me that doesn't want to know has the louder voice.

When I read a book, and I fall in love with the story and the characters, I often have my own idea of who/what they might look like. I also may be playing my own soundtrack as I read, making my own special playlist to create a special soundtrack for the tale. I'm making it my own, that way, turning it into something special and personal.

Reading a story is a private endeavor. We all interpret books in our own ways, often shaped by our life experiences. When we dive too much into the original creator's mind, we lose a little of our own magic that we add to our individual interpretation of the tale.

I remember when I found out that one of Anne Rice's inspirations for her character Lestat was actor Rudger Hauer. Now, if I had known that before I read the book, I would've pictured that beloved sexy vampire totally differently! To me, Lestat's not Rudger Hauer. He doesn't look like him or act like him. And I'm glad I didn't have this knowledge to make me think differently because might not have fallen in love with him the way I did by imagining him the way I wanted him to be!

And as for music, I remember listening to some Celtic music while I read one of the first books I ever read, The Hobbit. And even now, when I listen to that CD, it brings it all back. That's my soundtrack. Who knows what in the world Tolkien was listening to, if anything. But if he was, it may have been totally different.

As writers and/or readers, do you prefer to know what the author's inspiration was, or do you prefer to create your own world?