Sunday, August 28, 2016

Spotlight on Artist Handiedan

Happy Sapphic Sunday! Today instead of just posting one image on social media, I wanted to do a short blogpost on a new artist I recently discovered.

I came across the artist Handiedan's work last week on Pinterest and am totally in love with it. She's a woman who I can call my contemporary, being around my age (mid-30s), and she's from Amsterdam. Though she works with different media, it seems like what's her most popular work is the really cool pulp/burlesque collages she does, many of which are deliciously F/F!

She takes pieces from different pin-up girls and puts them together like a sexy Frankenstein concoction. At fist glance, you can't really see it, but on closer inspection, you can see in the above piece that there are some disembodied arms on the top girl's legs!

I love the old-world/new-world vibe she's got going on. She takes the classic, almost antiquated pinup look and makes it strikingly modern. She's also done some amazing mural work, like this one below in Berlin:

Consider me a new fan! :) 

If you dig her stuff too, there's a lot more on her --> official website <--.