Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Sex Tips" Guest Post on Moctezuma Johnson's Blog

Happy Hump Day!

This week I'm over at author Moctezuma Johnson's blog, sharing some personal sex tips to spice things up before you even get to the bedroom.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

CSCH Spotlight #3: Dallas Museum of Art

Hello, and thank you for checking out the third "behind the scenes" of my contemporary lesbian romance CITY SPIRIT, COUNTRY HEART blog-post series. This one is about the Dallas Museum of Art, which is featured in the novel.

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I've been to this museum twice, and both times I've gone, I've wished I had more time. I know the word "amazing" is overused, but this museum is amazing. So. Much. To See.

It's so much more than just an "art" museum to me because it not only features works from all around the world, but it features pieces from all across the timeline of humanity, from modern times to ancient history. It's like stepping into a time machine and connecting with each artist on an intimate level, giving you special insight into what it might have felt like, living in a specific time, in a specific country. That's something the history books will never be able to provide. It's something truly special.

You may be wondering, why put it in a romance novel? Well, I've always thought that museums were a romantic place to visit. Maybe it's because the art and history contained within museums are just such wonderful expressions of raw humanity, like love is. Human beings are unique in the animal kingdom in that we express ourselves with multiple types of art, and we are also unique in that we can fall in love and experience the thrill of romance. Also, it's fun to examine the pieces and to find those that we especially relate to, whether we can explain it or not, and it gives us something exciting and thought-provoking to talk about with a date.

In my novel, Macy and Sophia take a trip here on one of their first dates. Unlike Lamppost, TX, this museum actually does exist--it isn't just a product of my imagination--and you can visit it anytime in real life. I've actually been waiting for a chance to stick it in one of my stories. I took my memories from my most recent visit and used them to flesh out the details of certain pieces that spoke to me as I came across them and observed them. So when you're reading the novel, you're also getting a chance to focus on what I especially liked during my last trip over there!

Curious to see how this museum played a part in my novel? Check it out!

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