Monday, November 26, 2018

An LGBTQ Anti-Cyberbully Guide

If you have any sort of social media account, odds are, you've been harassed at some point. If you're LGBTQ and you have a social media account, you probably really know what I'm talking about. Most likely, you have not only been the recipient of unwanted attention, but you also probably have been cyberbullied in some way. According to, 73% of LGBTQ people have experienced abuse online. But you don't have to let this statistic scare you away from the fun and other positive benefits of having an online presence. 

A contact of mine pointed me to a guide that gives the basics on what you can do to protect yourself from online harassment, especially if you are LGBTQ. It also suggests a variety of support groups if you've been struggling with being bullied: --> Click Here <--

Almost every social media platform has a way of blocking people. The key is to be brave enough to do it! I remember when I started out promoting myself as an author, I put up with all sorts of unwanted attention, mostly in the form of online sexual harassment, because I was too afraid to ignore or block these people. I was worried that it would come across as rude (as if they weren't being rude in the first place) or that it would somehow negatively impact my book sales. Well, if you are an artist like myself and have this concern, let me assuage your fears.

The people out there in cyberspace who are trying to engage you in unwanted messages most likely have zero desire to purchase your product anyway. They're not online to support you; they're online to fulfill some desire they have, be it feeling powerful by bullying someone or getting off on trying to pursue someone sexually. Blocking and ignoring these people is the best thing to do because by giving them attention in an way, you are negatively affect your own state of mind. I've learned from lots of experience that the best thing to do is simply block (which the above guide can show you how to do) and refocus your attention on why you're online in the first place: to connect with people in your field, to make respectful new friends, and to share your art.

- Scarlett

Monday, November 12, 2018

Thankful For You

During this month of Thanksgiving, I wanted to say thank you!

Yes, you!

If you are reading this blog post, I am directing my heart-felt gratitude to you. Those of you who take the time out of your busy schedules to click on my blog posts, and those of you who go the extra step and purchase and read my novels and short stories, you make this writing thing even more fun!

So this year, my appreciation goes out to you. I send you a big hug from my warm, cozy desk in Texas to simply say THANKS!