Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Why New Year's Eve Is One of My Favorite Days of the Year

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Christmas is winding down, and we are quickly approaching one of my favorite days of the year: New Year's Eve. As someone who is constantly analyzing herself and always trying to find ways to grow and be a better person, New Year's Eve is almost a sacred time for me. It's a time when I look back on the year, the highlights, the hard lessons, my relationships, my hobbies, my habits, my career, etc. And as I reflect, I pinpoint what plans, behaviors, and ways of thinking worked for me and what didn't. Being a goal-oriented person, I also really enjoy coming up with goals for the new year and writing them down on notebook paper.

I usually stay at home, although this year I'm toying with the idea of going out for a change. I'm also kind of quirky in that I feel like the movies and shows I watch on NYE, as well as the music I listen to and the books I read, have some sort of magical significance. Even the snacks I eat and the drinks I drink are carefully thought out. I often make home-made cheese-dip and then of course there's the obligatory champagne. I send my loved ones emails or texts, and many times they'll reply since they're staying up to ring in the new year as well, and I'll feel love and connection with them. I tend to remember all these details years later, and they remind me what frame of mind I was in at the time.

Even though this day is in essence, just another day of the year, it still feels sort of mystical to me - like the closing of another life chapter, and the spark of a fresh beginning filled with possibilities.

Although I haven't yet compiled my personal goal list for 2018, I'm starting to think about it because NYE is less than a week away. I of course have the typical weight-loss/better-health goals like most people do. I have some new writing goals, too. But one new thing that I'd like to apply to my daily life going into 2018 is to Appreciate More Than Complain.

It seems like whatever I focus on out of those two, I get more of. When I get into a bad habit of criticizing things, life somehow comes up with more things for me to criticize! It could be simply because I'm focused in that negative sort of way and because of that, I'm seeing more things that need complained about. But when I appreciate more, I all of a sudden start seeing more and more things in life to appreciate. I've gotten a good head start doing this the latter half of 2017, but I want it to really get into it as a daily way of life in 2018. I've noticed my days are just better days if I think in terms of appreciating rather than criticizing. I'm wondering if other people have had the same experience.

What about you? Do you have any new goals for the new year? Also, do you have any personal New Year's Eve traditions? Feel free to share in the comments!

And as always, I appreciate you for reading!



Monday, December 18, 2017

Godless: Diversity Done Right

It seems like books, TV, and movies these days are trying to promote more diversity in their stories, which is a very good thing. Unfortunately, many times the inclusion of diverse characters goes over like a led balloon because they are shallow and undeveloped. They come across more as "tokens" than as human beings we can relate to.

There is one new show, however, that I just watched, and it is doing diversity right. It doesn't tout itself as a diverse show, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it so diverse. It's a Western series on Netflix called Godless.

Now, obviously being a Western, one can imagine there will probably be Native Americans, and there are. And a couple of those characters are awesome. There are also African American characters that are a less typical of what you'd normally see in a lot of Westerns, which was cool. But what I found particularly surprising in a good way was the lesbian and bisexual characters.

These Les/Bi characters are not the main characters, but they are part of a very strong supporting cast. And their sexuality is done in such a way that they don't feel like tokens at all. It's truly part of who they are as people, not something that Hollywood sloppily painted on them for the sake of diversity. They aren't just thrown in there for titillating sex scenes either. These characters are strong, fascinating three-dimensional women. 

Another way Hollywood tries to do diversity these days is to make someone's sexuality ambiguous. Is she or isn't she? Is he or isn't he? Are they or are they not? Well, in Godless, it's sincere, and it's obvious, not subtle at all. You don't have to guess. These characters are who they are; it's clear, and they also totally own it and live it.

So if you don't mind some rated-R level Western violence, and you're looking for a diverse show, check out Godless on Netflix. It's a limited series, so it only has one season. I thought it was a really great story overall - and it has a satisfying ending! (My beef with Hollywood and their modern unsatisfying endings is something I'll save for another post!)

Have you found any shows or movies or books that have well-developed diverse characters and not just stereotypical token diverse characters? If so, share in the comments!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Best Book Read in 2017

It's December (already!?), and one of the things I like to do at the end of the year is assess which book was the best book I read during the year.

I read every genre there is, and I also read both new books and old books, so always a fun surprise to look back and see which one out of the eclectic pile grabbed me the most. This year, I hands-down have to say it was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

Penguin published this novel in 2014, but the book saw a surge in popularity when HBO did a mini-series based on the story. I haven't seen the show yet, but I do know that it won several 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Have you ever noticed how a lot of the movies and shows that win awards are based on really good books? It's almost not fair to have a competition where a show based on book can go up against a show with an original script. Shows that are based on books already have excellent storylines, and judging from the popularity of a book, I'm sure that producers can guess the show/movie will also do well with audiences. Make it easy for everyone to succeed.

All that aside, this is a really good book. It's compulsively readable. It twists and turns and has some surprises. I recommend it to readers who enjoy fast-paced modern contemporary fiction that's both a mystery/thriller and deals with real-life issues.

This story touts itself as a mystery, but it's also portrait of domestic abuse, which normally I wouldn't be too jazzed to read about; however, the novel does such a good job at going into its characters' minds that I found myself both engrossed in the story and also feeling like I was taking a crash course in psychology.

What was the best book you read in 2017? Feel free to share in the comments!


Thursday, November 23, 2017


I've been trying to adopt a spirit of gratitude in my daily life every day, but on this special Thanksgiving Day, I thought I'd write a post listing some of the things I am thankful for today.

Photo from Pexels.com

- I'm thankful for the love of my friends.

- I'm thankful for the love of my family.

- I'm thankful for the home I live in.

- I'm thankful for the car I drive.

- I'm thankful I have access to so many wonderful museums and restaurants and shops.

- I'm thankful I have beautiful clothes to wear.

- I'm thankful for the lessons I have learned this year.

- I'm thankful for my readers, both those who have followed me for a while, and those who are new.

- I'm thankful for my dog, that he's made it to 10 years old, and hopefully will make it 10 more.

- I'm thankful for my health.

- I'm thankful for those times when I didn't feel so good because they taught me how to be happy despite any circumstance.

- I'm thankful for personal growth.

- I'm thankful for movies and shows and memes that make me laugh.

- I'm thankful for all the new art and music and books I continue to discover.

- I'm thankful to be alive on this new and beautiful day.

- I'm thankful you're here, reading this post! And I send you a virtual hug.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Saturday, November 18, 2017

We Have Two 'Roads' Giveaway Winners!

For those who entered my giveaway contest for a signed paperback of Roads and Revelations, the contest is now closed. Out of the 845 people who entered, two lucky winners have been chosen at random. (Goodreads should have notified them.) I will be signing the books and shipping them off next week!

If you didn't win, you can still get an ebook and/or paperback copy at an affordable price. In fact, if you're on Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free. --> Amazon Link <--

Again, thank you so much to everyone who entered, and also to those who helped promote this successful giveaway!



Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cut Ties, Not Love

I think one reason why breaking up and/or growing distant from certain people is so painful is because we think we have to stop loving those people.

We separate paths for many reasons in life. Sometimes we simply grow apart. Sometimes our life situations are such that remaining close would cause more trouble than it's worth. Sometimes people need to get their shit together and need time and space to do that (sometimes the rest of their life). Sometimes we acknowledge that we need to go on our own spiritual journey, get our own shit together, and change our own bad habits.

But whatever the reason we choose to emotionally and physically part from people we still love, it often hurts. Sometimes there's nothing that hurts more...

In my personal experience with this, I've come to realize that you can't stop loving people if you have ever really loved them. You can't "un-love" them the way you can "un-friend" people on Facebook. Oh, sure, you can stuff the truth down and deny it. You can try to tell yourself that you don't care, but that's when it retaliates the strongest. That's when it comes creeping up to tap you on the shoulder, for instance, when you hear a certain song or experience some other trigger of a memory of that person, and it hits you like a bullet to the heart. But you also know that things would not work out if you tried again with that person. So you're stuck in a Catch 22 of Mind vs. Heart.

The trick, I've discovered, to handling this kind of battle is to stop fighting it. Now, I'm not saying to give into grief and woe-is-me thoughts and feelings until you are completely depressed. What I'm advising is to let yourself keep loving that person, knowing that you made a choice for your good or for the other person's good, but let yourself keep loving. Doing this takes the sting away, makes it hurt much less, at least in my experience.

Resisting the love we still feel and will always feel is what causes the most pain. So don't resist it. Accept your situation and that you are apart for a reason (maybe a million reasons), but also accept that the love for that person will always be there.

Because it's cliche, but it's true: true love never dies.



Friday, October 6, 2017

Are You Addicted To Traveling?

Today I came across an article on The Manual called "Are You A Travel Addict? According To Science, It's A Very Real Phenomenon."  The article discusses how in this day and age, travel is much easier and much more affordable than it has ever been. That, plus all the tantalizing photos of exotic locales crossing our vision on social media, has played a part in creating the actual psychological disorder known as "dromomania" or or "vagabond neurosis" in some people.

I think I can understand the addictive qualities of travel, although I would never risk my job or relationships for it. When I was younger, I did quite a bit of traveling. As a child, I mainly went with my family on road trips to different cities in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado during summer vacations. But these trips became an expected part of the year. They gave me something to look forward to when life got boring. It was always so much fun and so refreshing to not only get away from the humdrum of daily life, but also to see new places and experience new adventures.

As I grew older and more independent, and I traveled by myself by airplane (also a thrill) to see friends in states like California, Arkansas, Kansas, and even Canada. Right before my senior year, I went with my dad to England (London and Exeter) on a business trip, which was one of the happiest weeks of my life. I still get out the pictures every now and then as a nostalgic pick-me-up and hope I can go back someday.

Then, when I graduated from college, everything changed. I was on my own for the first time, having rented a little house, and having to work two jobs just to pay the bills. And although I was thrilled to finally be independent and taking care of myself, the traveling stopped. It stopped for several years, in fact, and I can tell you, I really missed it. Each year, I genuinely felt the itch to get up and go somewhere new. You could almost say I went through withdrawal as I experienced a sort of mild depression from feeling chained to my responsibilities and finances.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I began to travel again, first to Eureka Springs, then to New York, and this summer, to Santa Fe - all new places I'd never been before. I started to feel much more relieved and happier. Now that I'm in a place financially where I can afford to take these yearly trips, I have something exciting to look forward to again.

Aside from the novelty of visiting new places and the relief of temporarily escaping from responsibilities, I also feel like I grow as a person every time I travel. My mind has opened in ways that I don't think it would have if I had only stayed in one place all my life. Because of these vacations, I've been able to spend time with awesome people and experience things with them that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to experience.

So, yes, I totally get it; however, I don't think I'm at the level of having a genuine addiction. Sometimes just watching a movie or reading a book that takes me to another place in my mind can be enough to satisfy that urge. And I think that's how most people are. But it is interesting to know that there are genuine addicts out there these days who risk the security of their lives to get out on the open road. I guess anything can be addicting.

What are your thoughts about travel addiction? Do you think you've ever experienced it to any degree? Do you have to get out of town once a year or more in order to scratch the travel itch? Please feel free to leave a comment.



Thursday, September 28, 2017

ROADS Now Available In Paperback

Just a quick post to let you know that ROADS AND REVELATIONS is now available in paperback on Amazon for anyone interested!

--> Buy Link <--

Sunday, September 10, 2017

ROADS Spotlight 3: Cadillac Ranch

Continuing my ROADS Spotlight series (Part 1 can be found --> here <-- and Part 2 can be found --> here <--), I wanted to make sure I included a post about Cadillac Ranch.

In the second half of the novel, as Leilani and JC make their journey back from Colorado, they stop at a unique spot in Amarillo, Texas called Cadillac Ranch. If you've ever been to Amarillo, you know that this panhandle town is known more for its touristy cowboy vibe than its art scene (for example, the infamous The Big Texan restaurant). But that's what makes Cadillac Ranch so groovy and special.

Set out in a field off of Interstate 40, one can see the line of Cadillac cars, covered in graffiti.

The interactive exhibit was installed back in 1974, and according to Trip Advisor, "This offbeat roadside attraction features 10 graffiti-covered Cadillacs standing upright in a row, buried nose-first in the ground. The sculpture is the brainchild of Amarillo millionaire Stanley Marsh III, who chose classics dating from 1948 to 1963, the "Golden Age" of the American automobile."

Over the years, people have come to view the "ranch," take pictures, and even spray-paint the cars and take pieces of them as souvenirs.

When I was younger, I had moved from Texas to Colorado when my mother got remarried. Every year, my dad would come up to get me and my brothers for the summer. On the road, we'd pass by this ranch coming and going, and I always thought it was so cool looking. So naturally it had to wind up in one of my books. ;)




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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ROADS Spotlight 2: The Allure of Caves

In my new novel, Roads and Revelations, one of the places my girls visit during their road trip is a cave just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I pulled details of this specific cave from a recent experience in the summer of 2015. Here are a few snapshots I took while I was down in that fascinating little pocket of the world:

Ever since I went on my first cave tour a kid, I have been fascinated by them. They're almost otherworldly, yet they're right under our feet. The temperature drop and the pitch-black darkness are creepy, yes, but when I look at the formations and realize how long it takes for stalagtites and stalagmites to form, the creepiness factor turns into one of scientific wonder for me.

In my early teen years, I was lucky enough to visit Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and that was an awe-inspiring treat. There was one point where we were exactly a mile beneath the surface of the Earth, and we could make phone calls from a special phone booth to tell people where we were. There were also chasms next to the man-made path that our tour guide said could be miles deep, as they'd thrown things down them and never heard them hit bottom.

Other people find caves as frightening as they do fascinating. For example, I have seen the movie The Descent, which scared the hell out of me.

But I can assure you, in Roads, the cave scene is much more fun and romantic. ;)




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Friday, August 18, 2017

Agent Triple P (Updated with email for mailing list 10/29/18)

Dear Triple P's Fans,

I've been in touch with Agent Triple P, and his blogs are currently no more! All hope is not lost, however. If you would like to join his mailing list to stay up to date with his writings, you can! All you have to do is email him to let him know, and you'll start getting content delivered right to your inbox:


He greatly appreciates your continued interest in his work!




Sunday, August 13, 2017

ROADS Spotlight: Great Sand Dunes National Park

In my new LesFic novel Roads and Revelations, my girls stay the night at a hotel in Alamosa, Colorado, a city that used to be one of my old stomping grounds. I lived in the San Luis Valley from age 10 to almost 13, very formative years, and have fond memories of many adventures I had out in nature.

When one thinks of Colorado, it's probably not sand dunes that come to mind; however, the Great Sand Dunes National Park was one of the places I frequently visited, especially during the summer, when I lived in the area.

One of the first trips I made out there was with a group of my classmates when I was in 6th grade. We all piled into the school bus and as we made the drive out there, it was fascinating to watch the dunes grow. From a distance, the park looks like a giant sand box, but when you get closer, you start to realize how truly impressive the dunes are.

Even when you get to the park, you don't fully comprehend just how impressive they are. When you're hanging out, wading in the shallow river, looking up at the dunes and thinking about giving them a climb, you might think you could make it to the highest one in an hour. But when you actually start making the trek, not only does the sand's physical resistance add to the time it takes you to climb, you also realize once you get to the "highest" dune you spotted earlier, there is actually another one, even higher, far off in the distance. You can only see that dune if you climb the one you thought was the tallest.

I never tried to venture out past that first large dune. I was always content, once I'd reached the top of it, to look out and see how much more there really was out there. I'd stand there in awe, experiencing that state of peace that marvels of nature like the dunes can give to us humans: that realization that the world is so vast and overwhelming and you and whatever problems you think you have are so very small in comparison.

There's something special about Colorado in general that will always make me feel more connected to my spiritual core. It's one of my favorite places, and I was more than happy to feature it in the novel.




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Sunday, August 6, 2017

War on the Catwalk 2017

Hello, darlings!

Last night I had so much fun at House of Blues in Dallas getting to experience drag queen greatness at War on the Catwalk live!

They put on an amazing show that lasted over two hours. Not only did they look great, they entertained the hell out of a sold-out audience. They made us laugh, they made us cry, and they made us feel empowered. It was so refreshing to spend time among such liberated, beautiful souls, not just onstage but also in the audience.

I was admittedly a little starstruck getting to meet all of them, especially since I had watched every episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 and felt like I had gotten to know them all through the process. They were all super sweet in person, especially the inspiring winner of the competition, the artistic and intelligent Sasha Velour. Also, the ultra-sexy Kimora Blac made me want to melt into a happy little puddle when she told me she loved my makeup. **Purr**

Here are the links to all of their Instagram pages. I listed them in clockwise order of the above photo, starting with Shea Coulee, who is sitting on the left side of the pic:

Shea Coulee

Eureka O'Hare

Trinity Taylor

Sasha Velour

Alexis Michelle

Kimora Blac

Farrah Moan



Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I'm happy to announce that my new contemporary romance novel has released a couple of days early!

When Leilani finds herself at a major crossroads in her life, she takes a chance by reaching out to her old lover, JC. Although JC still holds a grudge about the way their relationship ended, she agrees to go on a road trip with Leilani. While they travel together, Leilani desperately hopes to repair their friendship. She also secretly hopes to rekindle their old college romance. But the primary reason for the road trip, which is to deliver three sets of boxes as part of honoring her late mother’s last wishes, may be the very thing that ends up tearing the two apart again.

Friday, July 7, 2017

One Shade of Grey

Ever since late last year, I've been noticing intruders on my head.

They appear without warning, showing up overnight.

I'll be fixing my hair, looking in the mirror and thinking about the day ahead, when BOOM: I see the sparkly little fuckers up there. All smug and stubborn and waving me the finger.

Grey hairs!

I'll admit, in a way, they are kind of pretty. It's that bright, shiny silver kind of grey that looks like Christmas tinsel. But seriously? What the hell? I'm only 33 years old! I'm too young for this.

Then again, there is no official age when we all start going grey, is there? Some of us turn silver or go bald sooner or later in life than others. Then there are other factors like genes. And the amount of stress we endure in life can make us grey, which is pretty evident whenever you see before and after pictures of US Presidents.

This time when I came across the shiny bastards, I found two of them. One was the same one I yanked out last time, and one was in a new place.

But this time, I didn't pluck them out.

Yes, I'm actually going to leave them. I figure they're a badge of honor in a way. On the one hand, it's a terrifying reminder of my mortality. But on the other hand, it's proof that I've survived life long enough to even get grey hairs. After all, we can make it to old age or suffer the alternative. When you think about it that way, getting old isn't so bad, is it?


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Finding Empathy in a Judgmental Society

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now, and today seemed the right time to go ahead and write it. I see this every day, especially on social media. People make posts about how others are inferior to them, how they are right and the others are wrong, sometimes even resorting to name calling or bullying to prove their point. People get so angry that they will even end a relationship over it. I wonder, when did we become such a judgmental society? Or has it always been there, and social media has just put a spotlight on it?

Don't get me wrong - I have strong opinions about things. When I see someone I love doing something that will almost certainly lead to hardship, I don't stick my head in the sand and assume everything is going to be all right. I'll even give them honest advice if it's asked for. But I've stopped getting angry at people who don't take my advice. I don't take it personally anymore. And I've stopped letting people's differing opinions wind me up to the point of getting bent out of shape.

What I wish I could see more of online is empathy - or at least a breather from all this judgement! I wish I could see more people focusing on the things that bring them happiness and amusement instead of the things that stress them out.

We need to remember that everyone has their own set of issues they're working through. So often we are extremely quick to judge without for one second trying to see the situation from the other person's point of view. And yes, there are genuinely horrible people out there who I will never understand, but there are also those who are seemingly bad people but who are simply doing the best they can and don't have the intentions to hurt others; they do it by default and are following their own misguided compass.

There's a big difference between someone who is an enemy and actively trying to hurt you and someone who is just trying to get along in life and learning things the hard way.

However, if someone in my life is living in a way that is dangerous to my safety, I use wisdom and simply keep my distance from them. Sometimes I see fit to remove myself from the situation altogether. But I try not to waste too much time and energy telling everyone who will listen about how I'm right and the other person is wrong or stupid or whatever. I just let it go and live my own life and focus on better things.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that what we focus on grows. So instead of giving fuel to our judgmental side, why not plant a little seed of empathy, tend the soil, and watch it blossom?



Saturday, April 29, 2017

Four Ways Dogs are More Advanced than Humans

**My little buddy**

I was watching The Dog Whisperer on TV this morning with my favorite four-legged friend on my lap, one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning. As I watched, it occurred to me that we can learn a lot from dogs, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a dog lover. Here are four ways dogs are simply more advanced than humans:

1) They live in the moment. As far as I know, dogs are not capable of worrying about tomorrow or next week or next year. They also don't seem to wallow in any sort of self-pity about what they should have done in the past. They live totally in the now and seem pretty happy because of it.

2) They don't discriminate against people of different colors, religions, political affiliations, or sexualities. In the rare cases that you do see this occur, it's always because a human trained them to be that way.

3) They have no hang-ups about sex or nudity. It's totally natural for them.

4) They rest when they need to. You don't ever see a dog carrying around their fifth coffee for the day, their eyes bloodshot, because they would rather push through their mile-long to-do list than take a 30-minute nap. When they're tired, they take time to fit in a quick snooze and are healthier for it.

I think we could learn some things from these furry fellas, don't you? ;)


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Three Ways I Help Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day!

Photo by Scarlett Knight

For this Earth Day, I wanted to do a quick post to share with you three specific ways I try to be kind to Mother Earth.

1) I use reusable bags. There really is no excuse to keep using paper or especially that nasty plastic anymore. Almost every major store you go to - grocery stores, retail, even online stores - have reusable shopping bags for sale. It is super easy to get into the habit of taking them with you, and you can even keep one or two in your car for the impromptu shopping trip. This reduces the massive problem we have of all the plastic bags we have out there just floating around, invading the ocean, and just causing an overall mess for the earth.

2) I bring home plastics from restaurants. Many restaurants will use plastic cups to patrons who want to get a drink from the water or soda fountain. I will take the cups with me, along with any other hard plastic that would otherrwise be thrown away, and put it in my recycling bin at home.

3) I put anything and everything in the recycling bin that is allowed to go in there. Especially plastic. If that means taking an extra minute to rinse out milk jugs, I do it. I recycle glass bottles, paper, you name it. It's astounding to see how much just one household with two people and a dog can accumulate in terms of recyclable materials each week. This is trash that would otherwise go to a landfill or be dumped into the ocean. It may not seem like much, but it certainly adds up.

Do you consider yourself a green person? What do you to do help the earth?



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, Art House!

To celebrate its publication birthday, here is a short and steamy excerpt from my novel The Art House:

Drinking sometimes caused old feelings to resurface and made unwanted tears fall. It was undeniable, though: ever since this adventure had started, she’d had more than a few reminders of times and people she’d tried for years to forget. She passed a kitchen and several other rooms too large for a bathroom and too dark to really see into. Checking behind elaborate doors, she found a number of closets and staircases but no bathroom. Finally, she found a small restroom and after relieving herself, checked her appearance in the floor-length gold-framed mirror that wasn’t hanging but rather propped against the wall at a stylish angle. She rubbed away the smears of makeup under her eyes and tried to recapture some of that buzz which had leaked out through her tears.

On the way back, she passed one of the doors that had led to a secret spiral staircase. Mistakenly, she must have left it ajar. When she moved to close it, she heard a man groan.

Freezing with her hand on the doorknob, she listened again to make sure she hadn’t just been imagining things. Then it came again, this time with a woman’s muffled moan in erotic harmony. Her pulse beginning to race, she slowly peeked into the stairwell.

It was a couple all right, there at the foot of the stairs. A long blonde-haired woman in a flowing green dress had her skirts gathered up around her as she knelt in front of a man, frantically giving him fellatio. The man’s upper body was cast in shadow, but she could make out his longish dark hair and stubble. His eyes were closed, his face twisted in fervent ecstasy. She didn’t recognize either of them as anyone Trixi had introduced her to.

The woman’s head bobbed back and forth, her hand stroking the man’s hard cock, which he’d pulled through his pants. She seemed to be enjoying the event as much as he was. Janelle knew she should give this couple their privacy, even if they were doing this out in public. It was their moment of passion, not hers. Still, she found herself unable to break away, her breath growing shallow.

The man gasped and muttered “faster” in a desperate, guttural tone. Janelle had a strong desire to reach inside of her soft blouse and pinch her hardening pink nipples beneath the shell of her bra. She looked down, ashamed but fascinated. A burst of movement brought heat to her cheeks as she panicked, fearing she’d been discovered. But it was only the man, pulling the woman up from the floor and positioning her on all fours on the stairs. He lifted her skirts, her underwear already down around one ankle. His erection, barely visible in the shadow, arced up from his body like an arrow.

He plunged into the woman. She groaned, and Janelle bit down on her thumbnail, her sex tingling with the strong sweet scent of her own stimulation. She needed to leave them alone, let them have their moment, but she couldn’t move her feet. Their passion was intoxicating, something real, unlike so many of her relationships of late. She could actually feel their lust, the forbidden rush of this secret act trapping her in place. She kept her hand on the doorknob, the other hand slack at her side, though she desperately longed to touch herself.

“Darling, did you hear something?” the woman asked, and they stopped moving.



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Dilemma of the Longsuffering

It seems like in many relationships, whether they're with family members, friends, or romantic partners, there's always one person who is more of a peacekeeper than the other. In healthy relationships, sometimes I can't always tell who is more patient than the other, but in unhealthy, unbalanced relationships, it can be a lot more obvious, even to total strangers.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the quality of being "long-suffering" in relationships and how it hasn't much served me in the long run over the years. Some of us tend to attract more high maintenance personalities than others, and I am one of them. I could go into the whole psychology of why, but that's not really what I want to focus on with this post...

Recently, I found myself at a crossroads with a friend of mine. I had been working with this person for over three years on a personal writing project, and although in my mind I saw us as more friends than business partners, this person ultimately didn't see it that way. I kept allowing this person to call the shots as far as when we'd meet, how often we'd meet, and what we'd talk about when we got together (even if it was the person complaining about the same personal issues over and over again).

I had picked up on little clues over the years that this person has a rather ugly temper, despite being a normally charming human being. But I never imagined actually being on the other end of this temper! Then the phone call happened. After this completely jarring phone conversation in which this person yelled at me, cursed at me, and cut me off because she was feeling "frustrated" with her project, I realized I had officially hit my limit with what I would endure. Long story short, I expressed my displeasure at being spoken to that way, but this person was only able to see her side of the problem. She also couldn't bring herself to apologize because she didn't feel she was wrong. That particular relationship is now over.

Also recently, I found myself enduring subtle jabs and complaints from someone I worked with, and since I had recently had the miserable phone call with the other person that you just read about, the pitfalls of being long-suffering were strong on my mind. I decided that rather than endure this second person's horrible attitude and rudeness toward me, I would call her out on the carpet about it right then. I did so respectfully but also firmly. It was uncomfortable getting into that conflict, but we were able to discuss it as adults, and she saw the error in her ways (or at the very least she respected the fact that her behavior bothered me), and now, she keeps her attitude to a minimum when she's around me. I saved myself from having to deal with that sort of unwanted negativity, and the likelihood of it happening in the future is now minimal.

The problem I've seen, not only with myself but with other people, in letting bullies and/or martyrs get their way is that the manipulative behavior tends to continue. And it continues until it reaches a boiling point. Some people are able to endure it for years, even decades, but there always seems to be a tipping point when the person can take it no longer. Tackling those red flags early on is a way to save people a lot of wasted time.

One reason I have, over the years, allowed people to treat me badly is a lack of courage to stand up for myself. Once I realized that I deserved to have my needs met just as much as the next person, it became a lot easier to speak out instead of remain long-suffering. But it was a long process getting there.

Do you consider yourself a long-suffering type of person? How long does it usually take you to reach the tipping point of putting up with bad behavior? 



Friday, March 3, 2017

Tiny House Love

Ever since I saw --> this documentary <-- on YouTube about tiny houses, I have been in love with them. Take a peek at some of the pictures of tiny homes I found on Pinterest.

Tiny houses are appealing to me because not only are they cute and adorable, they're incredibly eco-friendly. The amount of electricity you'd use staying in one would be greatly smaller than the amount of electricity you'd use in a traditional house. Also, the idea of living in one inspires me creatively. It seems like it'd be the perfect quiet spot to write fiction.

Tiny houses also force you to get rid of all of your excess stuff. A few years ago, I went through my entire house and decluttered it. I gave away things that I didn't use and didn't love, and I whittled down all of my keepsakes so that they'd fit into one folder or one box per person. How often do we hang onto items just because other people gave them to us, when we don't really like them or use them?

We also tend to store things in closets and drawers and forget we even have them, so getting rid of those things is very liberating, too. A simplified home space creates a feeling of tranquility in me.

Sometimes I find myself buying furniture or wall art just to fill up empty space in my house. Having a tiny house would eliminate the need to do that.

A few drawbacks of living in a tiny house include not being able to soak in a big bathtub, not being able to cook using a normal-sized stove, and not feeling particularly safe in the dangerous Texas weather.

It also wouldn't be the most ideal space if you wanted to own a pet. But then again, dogs like mine (weenie dogs) like to burrow in small spaces. He might actually be just fine living in a smaller space, as long as he had a nice yard to run around in.

What do you think of tiny houses? Would you ever live in one? Why/why not? Comments welcome!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Get 'Vicious'

I stumbled across the PBS sitcom Vicious a couple of years ago. It was around New Years, and I turned on the TV and just happened to see the holiday special. It immediately hooked me and made me and my husband crack up laughing. It wasn't until this Christmas that my husband surprised me with the gift of season 1 and 2, as well as the finale on DVD.

Vicious is refreshing, not only because it is a sharp comedy about about a gay couple, but that it's about a gay couple in their 70s. Main characters Stuart and Freddie have been together for decades and have managed to perfect their vicious teasing of one another. The show is full of brilliant banter but also has some real tear-jerker moments. The dialog is fantastic, and the acting top-notch.

With a cast like this, you almost can't go wrong. My only complaint is that it was such a short run with only two seasons, a finale, and a holiday special. I would have loved to see a few more seasons.

The show stars Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi in the genius performances of Freddie and Stuart, as well as hilarious supporting cast Francis de la Tour, Iwan Rheon, Marcia Warren, and Phillip Voss.

It really is one of the best sitcoms I've ever seen, and I recommend buying the whole set of DVDs. They're well worth your money. I treasure my set and cannot wait to share it with friends.

Here's a --> link to PBS <-- where you can see some previews and also purchase the discs.

If you've seen the show, I'd love to know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment below.



Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why Guys Shouldn't Be Afraid to Go Glam

You've gotta love Iggy Pop. He's never been one to conform to societal norms. And in the above quote, he makes a really good point. It does seem like we have a double standard when it comes to wearing whatever you want. It reminds me of the intro of this Madonna song: 

Evan Rachel Wood proved Madonna's point at this year's Golden Globes by wearing a suit instead of a dress. It didn't cause any sort of outrage. She even got praised for it. And she did look great!

But if, for instance, Ryan Gosling had shown up in a gown, or even in make-up, a wig, or jewelry, it would have been all over the news. Why is that? In nature, the males of many different species are typically the most flashy of the sexes. Take peacocks for example.

So why can't homo sapiens do the same without making a huge fuss over it? Who made these rules anyway?

I'm not saying that everyone needs to wear makeup. I say do what you want. If you don't like wearing makeup, you shouldn't have to wear it, even if you're a woman. Alicia Keys has stopped wearing makeup, and good for her! It's a personal choice, and she still looks lovely.

I prefer to wear makeup, but it's more of an artistic thing and probably related to my love of theatre and performing. I like the way I look in makeup, both soft and daring. I also like wigs! I like the option of choosing different looks for myself based on my mood, but again it's a personal choice that shouldn't be limited to one person or the other.

Also, guys who want to wear makeup don't necessarily need to go full-on drag queen, unless they want to of course! There are lots of examples of celebrities who have gone glam and have also kept it mixed with traditional masculine wear. For example, Adam Lambert.


Another example of make-up looking fantastic on a man and manages to keep it masculine is America's Got Talent contestant, juggler Viktor Kee. Doesn't he look fantastic?

I love it. So guys, if you want to stick with your makeup-free faces, and your suits and your t-shirts and jeans, be my guest. But you really shouldn't be ashamed to go glam if you want to. Who knows? It might catch on. Personally, I'd love to see more men "peacocking" on the Red Carpet and in real life. But that's just my preference. You are certainly allowed to have yours. Just remember the advice that Dr. Frank N Furter gave us in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Don't dream it; be it!"



Friday, January 6, 2017

Queen of Swords Tarot Art

Whether you believe Tarot cards are the divinely guided tools of psychics or nothing but pure entertainment, there's no denying that many decks out there are works of art. I have collected decks over the years, some purely because I loved the art on them.

One of my favorite cards, and one I currently identify with, is the Queen of Swords. Here are seven gorgeous Queen of Swords cards from different decks. (The following card meaning is quoted directly from www.biddytarot.com.)

Universal Fantasy Tarot

"The Queen of Swords represents the sternness of a mature intellect which is devoid of emotion. In mythology, the feminine is associated with emotion, yet in this card the woman is stern and composed, and without much feeling. This card therefore represents the intellect’s ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of emotion or sentimentality."

Art Nouveau Tarot

"She likes to know the how, what, why, where, when and who of everything to help her make sense of her environment and to better understand others. It is not that she does not care about others but she connects to other people through an intellectual understanding rather than an emotional understanding."

Love and Mystery Tarot

"The Queen of Swords is a sign that you need to be independent in thought and in judgement. You must use your unbiased intelligence in order to make a judgement of a particular situation, drawing upon every piece of information and fact that you have gathered along the way."

Manga Tarot

"Empathy or compassion towards others may distract you from the task at hand, so it is important that you think with your head and not with your heart at this particular time. Do not let emotion get in the way. Rather, use fact and logic to make your decisions."

Secret Tarot

"The Queen of Swords also has an innate ability to tell it like it is. She is a quick thinker and highly perceptive, and as such, she can cut through the noise and confusion to get straight to the point."

Paulina Tarot

"There is certainly no ‘beating about the bush’, or ‘softening’ of her comments, opinions and thoughts. She is upfront and honest about her opinions, and expects the same from others. The best way to interact with the Queen of Swords, therefore, is to remain as impartial as possible, and to present your thoughts and opinions concisely and honestly."

Yoshitaka Amano Tarot

Okay, Scarlett speaking again. I think we all reach times in our lives when we're at a crossroads. We can either continue down the path we've been going on, or we can pay attention to all the red flags and spotlights on what's wrong and choose a new route.

There are some things in my life that need to change, and over the years I've been inching toward them, not quite ready, but getting closer, and closer. This year, I'm ready. I'm thinking logically and cutting through the BS excuses I've made for myself. It is the only way I'm going to implement and stick with those changes.

This card is sort of working like a symbol for me, reminding me of what I need to do to take myself to the next level of growth and success, both with my writing and personally, with my mental and physical health. The road may be rocky at times, but I have my sights set on a clear goal.

I hope that everyone can meet their goals this year, and if not meet them at least get closer to them, and that 2017 proves to be a year of good things for everybody, no matter what that definition is for you.

Much love!