Monday, June 28, 2021

TAKING THE RISK Spotlight # 2: Prada Marfa

 For the second installment of this behind-the-scenes spotlight on THE NEON FISHNETS BOOK 3: TAKING THE RISK, I take you to Prada Marfa:

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So, firstly, if you've never heard of Marfa, Texas, it is one of those gems in the state that I didn't even know existed until a few years ago. It's way out in West Texas, out in the middle of nowhere. It took me about 8 hours to drive there from Dallas. But it was so worth it! It's the coolest little artsy town I have ever seen! I had to include it as a detour for the band in Book 3.

One of the town's most famous exhibits, Prada Marfa, is actually located just outside of town. Per 

"Prada Marfa is a site specific, permanent land art project by artists Elmgreen & Dragset, commissioned by Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa. Modeled after a Prada boutique, the sculpture houses luxury goods from the famed brand’s fall 2005 collection of bags and shoes. Located on a barren stretch of highway one mile west of Valentine TX, the artwork will never function as a place of commerce, since the door is always locked." 

Art lovers have debated the meaning of the piece, and for fun, I have The Fishnets discuss it when they visit it in the book. 

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Monday, June 21, 2021

TAKING THE RISK Spotlight # 1 : San Antonio Riverwalk

 In this first "Behind the Scenes" blogpost for THE NEON FISHNETS BOOK 3: TAKING THE RISK, I wanted to introduce you to the San Antonio Riverwalk!

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This city is near and dear to my heart since I have family down there, and I've visited and loved it since I was a little girl. I wanted to include it in the book, so I made it one of the places that The Fishnets performed on their U.S. Tour.

After their performance in the book, CJ takes a stroll down the famed Riverwalk that the city is so known for. Rather than describe this really cool place to you, I found a YouTube video that will let you take a virtual walk - perhaps the next best thing to experiencing it in person!

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Thursday, June 17, 2021


 Book 3 is live! 

When the famous all-female rock band The Neon Fishnets embark on a new sold-out tour, life couldn’t be more perfect for the band’s drummer and co-founder, CJ McLaughlin. Even though CJ is madly in love with her best friend and fellow Neon Fishnets co-founder, Trish Carlucci, so far, she’s been able to keep it a secret. But when she catches the lead singer’s boyfriend, who is also the band’s manager, with another woman, CJ realizes that it’s time to tell Trish not only about what she discovered, but about the romantic feelings she’s been hiding for years. But will taking the risk pay off? Or will it ruin their friendship and ultimately break up the band?

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