Wednesday, July 13, 2022

ART OF LOVE BOOK 2: THROUGH THE LENS - Coming August 19, 2022!

 I'm happy to announce the release date for ART OF LOVE BOOK 2: THROUGH THE LENS! The next installment of this series will be available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on August 19, 2022! So mark your calendars!

Elaine’s calm, structured photographer life gets turned upside-down when her narcissistic girlfriend not only leaves her out of the blue, but steals every last penny from Elaine’s bank account. But during a fateful photo shoot, she meets the mysterious fashionista Sybil, a sexy young widower and heir to an enormous fortune. Sybil offers Elaine a surprise job that would not only get her out of debt, but would keep her very comfortable financially for years to come. During the course of their business relationship, however, Sybil introduces Elaine to her abundant life full of lavish parties, exotic vacations, and tantalizing secrets. Will Elaine keep herself guarded and professional, or will she open up to Sybil’s enticing new world, as well as another chance at love?