Thursday, December 31, 2020

Scarlett's 2020 Year End Thoughts

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If you're reading this, congratulations! You're one of the people who made it to the end of this absolutely insane year. The pandemic is not over yet, and a new year won't change it, but I feel like we owe it to ourselves to be proud that we made it through the bastard that was 2020. I thought I'd share some of my year-end thoughts, reflections, etc. Here goes!

Writing-wise, I am happy to say that in 2020, I pushed through the frustration and managed to complete two full-length novels. THE NEON FISHNETS BOOK 2: BREAKING THE CHAINS was released by Painted Hearts Publishing in September, and I also completed the rough draft of THE NEON FISHNETS BOOK 3, which I plan to submit to Painted Hearts early in 2021 for release a little later in the year. I also have a paranormal FF short story in the works! I'm hoping to release it in 2021, this one as an indie side project. 

I haven't dined at a restaurant since March, and that had been a bummer. I haven't been to a coffee shop or a bar either. Wining and dining on the weekends is one of the things I live for. But I've been diligent with my social distancing practices. There are a handful of places that have had good take-out, so I've picked up food from them on rotation. I can't wait until the day that I can safely be seated at a table, have a real menu placed in my hands, and get to eat right there in the restaurant! It's the little things we take for granted.

Like a lot of people, I've watched a shitload of movies and shows this year. Since I can't go out to concerts or conventions or restaurants or any of my other usual haunts, the living room has been my perch. At first I got sick of sitting around and doing nothing but watching TV in my free time, but lately, I've started to embrace it. I mean, why not? I'm not a couch potato by nature, but the time calls for it, so that's what I'm doing. I've watched some amazing movies, though, including Portrait of a Lady on Fire, which was probably my favorite movie I've watched this year. I've also been delving into my dark side by watching the Hannibal TV show that used to run on NBC but is now available on Netflix. Don't ask me why! I'm just really into it! 

In my time of social distancing, I've barley seen any family or friends in person since I've been trying super hard to stick with this social distancing thing. The handful of times I have chosen to take the risk have felt very special. Going into January, I'm keeping my ass at home though because yikes, those Covid numbers are scary! I want to do my part to help stop the spread even if it feels pointless. Video chats aren't a bad replacement. It's not the same as being with someone in person, but I'm grateful for the technology we have that can keep us connected in ways we wouldn't have been able to not long ago.

I'm extremely grateful to say that I have not lost anyone close to me to Covid, but as I type, my aunt is in the hospital, critically ill from the virus. None of us know how that will pan out. Right now, she is still alert and able to talk on the phone, but there are signs pointing in the wrong direction as far as her recovery goes. It's one of those terrible moments I have been dreading throughout this whole thing. All my family and I can do is wait because her fate is out of our control.

2020 has been a whirlwind year. I hope that everyone reading this is still hanging in there, and I offer deepest condolences to those who have experienced loss this year. It's been a shitty time for us. May 2021 be a better year for everyone. Cheers, and Happy New Year, my friends.




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