Sunday, November 28, 2021

'During The Storm' Release Date and Blurb!

Mark your calendars for January 14, 2022! It's the official  date that my new contemporary lesbian romance novel DURING THE STORM (Art of Love Book 1) will be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!


A new resident of Colorado, Willow has no idea how to survive in a snowstorm. She finds out just how unprepared she is when a blizzard hits. Snow and ice trap her alone in her home, and with it come unexpected complications. The only person available to help is her neighbor Joy. Hotter than hell on the outside but with a personality colder than ice, Joy has lived in the area for years but hasn’t said one word to Willow since she moved in next door. Initially, both women refuse to reach out to one another in the blizzard, but after the neighborhood loses electricity, everything changes. Joy is no stranger to surviving winter storms, and Willow quickly realizes she has a lot to learn from her, including how to start a fire. But as the two women spend more and more time together during the storm, a different sort of flame begins burning between them.

I can't wait to share this new story with you!




Monday, November 1, 2021

Coming January 2022!

 Coming January 2022, the first installment in a new contemporary WLW romance series...

This winter, get ready for the storm...

Stay tuned!!




Thursday, October 28, 2021

Read Cute Episode 3 "Enemies to Lovers"

 Hey All!

I wanted to write a quick post to let you know that Episode 3 of Read Cute has been posted on Lily Seabrooke's website! 

Along with several other amazing lesfic authors, I took part in a live reading of an excerpt from THE NEON FISHNETS BOOK 1: PLAYING WITH FIRE. All of the excerpts at this reading have an "enemies to lovers" theme, so if that tickles your fancy, definitely check it out. We all had so much fun doing this! Here's the link:

(Be sure to click on Episode 3 for the Enemies to Lovers reading!)

As always, thanks for stopping by!




Friday, October 8, 2021

I Heart Lesfic's Paranormal Book of the Month!

 I am so happy to announce that "Pleasure of the First Mark" won for Paranormal Lesfic of the Month for August, 2021!

Thanks to everyone who voted, has read the book, and/or has written a review! Your feedback is greatly valued!




Sunday, October 3, 2021

Happy Birthday, Anne Rice!

Anne Rice turns 80 tomorrow!!! She has been publishing books longer than I have lived on this Earth, and she is still going!

She was such an inspiration to me when I was a teenage writer, still in high school, trying to figure out who the heck I was. I found her writing to be both a comfort and a tool that pushed me out of my own comfort zone, if that makes sense.

Here's a little corner on my bookshelf devoted to her books that I've collected over the years; some of them are extra special treasures because they are autographed:

Although I have sadly never met Anne in person, I did receive a reply to an email I sent her years ago. I printed and kept it, of course! 

In the email she wrote back, she told me to "Have nerve" regarding my writing. Her inspiration and personal encouragement is one of the reasons I've chosen to go against the heteronormative grain and write what I write! 

You see, Anne's been an inspiration to me in ways other writers will never top. Most people think of vampires and witches when they think of her, but many of these vampires and witches in her stories were also edgy LGBTQ characters, too, and she wasn't afraid to write them when it was still taboo to do so!

Happy Birthday, Anne!




Sunday, September 26, 2021

Belated Bisexual Awareness Post

 Hey, all! This is a belated Bisexual Awareness Week post (Bisexual Day being on September 23rd). 


I wanted to write this post to spread awareness of the reality of bisexual people by including myself into that label. If you want to be technical, I'm "pansexual," but a lot of pansexual people use the "bisexual" label as their own as well because pansexual is, for some odd reason, difficult to explain to people. (Pan, to me, means you're into the person no matter what gender identity they have, be it male, female, trans, intersex, etc.). 

But whether you want to label me as "bi" or "pan," I'm here to give a shout-out to the rainbow people who don't fit under the "straight" or "gay/lesbian" label, especially the bisexual women who choose to write lesfic because they love WLW stories and have a passion for them.

According to numerous studies, over half of LGBT people identify as Bi or Pan. (HALF!!) That's a huge number of people who identify as bisexual under our LGBT umbrella! Yet it never escapes me how much biphobia still exists, aka people who believe you are either gay or straight with no in-between. Some people think that because you're not 100% "lesbian" or "gay" you shouldn't be writing lesbian or gay stories. But I heartily disagree!

Full disclosure: I have been married to a man since 2009. He is fully aware of the fact that I am bisexual, and he completely embraces and loves my FF fiction! He is extremely LGBT friendly, perhaps in part because his mother is also bisexual. Yep, that's right, my mother-in-law has had many long-term relationships with both men and women (and is currently in a relationship with a trans man, by the way)!

I write this post for all the people who feel they are somehow not valid by being "in between." I write it for those labeling themselves as "bi" or "pan" yet have received shit for it. I'm here to say that you are valid. And whether you write MF stories, or FF stories, or MM stories, or any combinations of any of those, including those not even mentioned: you matter. Your stories matter. They are important, and they hold rank. 

I, personally, decided to stick with FF romance because it's a genre I particularly fell in love with. When I was a young bisexual teenager, and all I had access to was MF romance, I longed to find FF stories that were not readily available at the time. And now that the world of publishing has opened up to more inclusivity, I have chosen to focus primarily on lesfic because that is where my heart is as the moment, and that's all that should matter.

Live your truth, my friends. Be you. Express yourselves in the ways that you feel are right for you, from your heart.

And fuck what anyone else thinks.

Thanks for stopping by.




Saturday, September 25, 2021


Today I'm happy to announce the release of a new lesfic anthology that I contributed to called FIRST KISSES!

This anthology includes a whopping 55 excerpts from 55 WLW authors. Each excerpt features a Sapphic first-kiss scene from a published novel by each author. You can download the ebook in various formats via the following link:

Here is the list of all the fantastic WLW authors included:


A.L. Brooks, A.L. Lester, Anne Hagan, Aurora Rey, Ava Freeman, Bryce Oakley, Cara Malone, Celeste Castro, Cheyenne Blue, Chris Zett, Cindy Rizzo, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Clare Ashton, Clare Lydon, Donna Jay, E.J. Noyes, Elizabeth Andre, Erica Lee, Faith Prize, Fiona Zedde, Harper Bliss, Jae, Jamey Moody, Jenn Matthews, Jess Lea, Johana Gaves, Kay Acker, KC Luck, KG MacGregor, Kim Pritekel, KJ, Laina Villeneuve, Lee Winter, Lily Seabrooke, Lola Keeley, Lucy Bexley, Lynn Galli, Max Ellendale, Milena McKay, Miranda MacLeod, MJ Duncan, Nikki Harmon, Patty Schramm, Quinn Ivins, Rachel Lacey, Rae D. Magdon, Scarlett Knight, Serena J. Bishop, Stephanie Shea, Susan X. Meagher, Suzie Carr, T.B. Markinson, TJ Dallas, and Violet Morley.

It's a great sample of everyone's work, so check it out! And have a great weekend!