Tuesday, January 26, 2021

2021 Reader Appreciation Post

Here we are in January 2021, and the struggle is real! Like many of you, I've been battling with daily anxiety and existential dread. This pandemic and the chaos in politics has brought us almost constant stress for the past year. We all knew deep down that just because we switched over from 2020 to 2021 that things wouldn't immediately get fixed, but gosh, it seems like we've been riding this insane bucking bronco for too damn long! 

Like many of you, I'm fatigued as all hell and ready to get on with my life, but rather than give into the depression today, I decided to make myself think of something I was grateful for in my life. They say that appreciation helps battle the blues, so maybe we should all try to do a little more of it on the daily. 

Today, in the spirit of appreciation, I wanted to tell all my readers how much I appreciate them - and if you're one of them, how much I appreciate you!

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As a writer, I cannot tell you how much it makes my day to pop onto social media to see that someone has posted about reading one of my books. You didn't have to make that shout-out, but you were kind enough to do it, and I appreciate you!

Every time I see a new sale whether a book purchase or pages read on Kindle Unlimited, it totally makes my day! If you're one of those who has taken the time to click on my books and peruse its pages and even maybe read the whole damn thing, you rock!!

And for those who take the time to reach out and email me, or leave a comment on one of my posts regarding my books, and for those who sacrifice a small part of their day to write me a review, I cannot tell you how awesome that makes me feel. I appreciate you!

Readers, I mean it. You are the best. I send you my love. I send you a big virtual hug. In this crappy time when it's so easy to focus on the negative, just know that you are seen, you are noted, and you are greatly appreciated!





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