Thursday, July 21, 2016

On Pain and Inspiration

I was looking up pics of Naomi Watts for a project when I came across this quote by the fabulous actress:

I feel like there is a lot of truth to this. It made me recall a quote along the same wavelength, this time by Anne Rice and on the subject of writing in particular:

But Anne Rice also tells us this:

I see a lot of authors out there these days who embrace the whole "Tortured Writer" persona, maybe because they're hooked on that sort of drama, or maybe because they feel like it's the only way to be inspired. 

But I think it's really important to remember that as artists (particularly talking to fellow writers here), we must be willing to embrace life's pleasure along with it's pain. To me, the thing that has inspired me most as a writer, is not one thing or the other, not pain or pleasure, but both! I've gotten so much inspiration from simply allowing myself to live life, sometimes dangerously, to be vulnerable, to screw up and make mistakes, and to also make good choices that bring me joy. 

In life, we all have to go through loss, rejection, fear - all those negative emotions. But it's so important that we don't forget to allow ourselves to be happy, too. I feel like all of the best stories out there have a mixture of pleasure of pain, of laughter and tears. The point is, as artists, I believe it is our job to live life and feel every emotion so that we can properly share that emotion and have readers feel it as deeply as we did.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this subject! Leave a comment if you like :)