Tuesday, August 17, 2021

"Pleasure of the First Mark" Spotlight: The Faerie-Friendly Bookstore

I'm so thrilled that my new paranormal FF short romance "Pleasure of the First Mark" is now available for you to read! In today's behind-the-scenes blog post about the story, I wanted to focus on the bookstore that I wrote into the tale, The Attic. 

Main character, Piper, is on lunch break from a day job that really drags her down. Her boss is a total bully, and she also has to hide her true Pixie identity while at work. To get some relief from all the stress, she goes to The Attic, her favorite Faerie-friendly bookstore. 

Fun fact: I loosely based The Attic on an actual bookstore in Denton, TX, called Recycled Books

It's located downtown in the historic square, where there are lots of other fun places to shop, eat, and drink. Recycled Books has, of course, books, but also CDs, vinyl records, vintage video games, and more. Large aisles as well as hidden nooks and crannies are spread across three floors of what used to be an old opera house, so the building in itself is a cool thing to look at even if you're not in the mood to shop.

from yelp.com
from yelp.com

I love this place so much that I have had a bumper sticker on my car for years advertising it. (You can pick up those for free at their front desk to help them get the word out about the store!)

Another thing that's eye-catching about The Attic is the mural on the side of the building. To me, it looks like something out of The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie. Here I am, a few years back, posing in front of it:

"Pleasure of the First Mark" is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Check it out if you're looking for your own little escape! I'm planning on turning this paranormal lesfic romance into a series if people like it, so if you read it, be sure to leave a review, send me an email (scarlettknightbooks@gmail.com) or leave a comment here on the blog! 

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Now Available: "Pleasure of the First Mark"!

 Now available!

Piper is a Pixie who lives her days passing as a human, but she is desperate to get away from her stressful dead-end office job and her conservative boss from hell. As she takes an extended lunch period to hang out at the local Faerie-friendly bookstore, she distracts herself from work by daydreaming about the bookstore’s manager, a reserved but sexy Dryad named Tory. But when she and Tory actually have a conversation for the first time, Piper realizes her dreams of getting to know her might be possible. Tory, however, still doesn’t know Piper’s true identity as a Fae. Could a Dryad actually fall for a Pixie? As her lunch period runs out, Piper realizes she has two choices: run back to the job she hates and play it safe, or take a chance on love.

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Friday, August 6, 2021

Coming Next Week: "Pleasure of the First Mark"

 Here's the short blurb of my upcoming paranormal FF short "Pleasure of the First Mark"!

Piper lives her frustrating days passing as a human in order to keep her job. But when an opportunity presents itself to get to know Tory, the sexy Dryad woman of her dreams, will she unveil her true identity to Tory or run back to her job and cater to her tyrant boss?

Coming next week! Stay tuned!