Friday, March 3, 2017

Tiny House Love

Ever since I saw --> this documentary <-- on YouTube about tiny houses, I have been in love with them. Take a peek at some of the pictures of tiny homes I found on Pinterest.

Tiny houses are appealing to me because not only are they cute and adorable, they're incredibly eco-friendly. The amount of electricity you'd use staying in one would be greatly smaller than the amount of electricity you'd use in a traditional house. Also, the idea of living in one inspires me creatively. It seems like it'd be the perfect quiet spot to write fiction.

Tiny houses also force you to get rid of all of your excess stuff. A few years ago, I went through my entire house and decluttered it. I gave away things that I didn't use and didn't love, and I whittled down all of my keepsakes so that they'd fit into one folder or one box per person. How often do we hang onto items just because other people gave them to us, when we don't really like them or use them?

We also tend to store things in closets and drawers and forget we even have them, so getting rid of those things is very liberating, too. A simplified home space creates a feeling of tranquility in me.

Sometimes I find myself buying furniture or wall art just to fill up empty space in my house. Having a tiny house would eliminate the need to do that.

A few drawbacks of living in a tiny house include not being able to soak in a big bathtub, not being able to cook using a normal-sized stove, and not feeling particularly safe in the dangerous Texas weather.

It also wouldn't be the most ideal space if you wanted to own a pet. But then again, dogs like mine (weenie dogs) like to burrow in small spaces. He might actually be just fine living in a smaller space, as long as he had a nice yard to run around in.

What do you think of tiny houses? Would you ever live in one? Why/why not? Comments welcome!



  1. I would LOVE to live in a tiny house. I am in the middle of a house move to a smaller house (along with hubby and 2 kids) and I love the declutter stage of the move. Hubby is a hoarder so this forces him to get rid of stuff. I agree that a clutter free house (including the storage spaces) makes for a much more tranquil house.

    1. Yay, a fellow tiny house lover! Doesn't getting rid of clutter feel fantastic??

  2. What a fun blog! I've been a fan of tiny houses since the first episode on HGTV. Love the ones you shared here.