Monday, September 14, 2020

BREAKING THE CHAINS Spotlight #2: The Flying V

Hello, and welcome to the second post in my series of spotlights on my new FF release, THE NEON FISHNETS BOOK 2: BREAKING THE CHAINS! In these spotlights, I'm sharing some behind-the-scenes goodies and fun facts that were part of the real-life inspiration behind the fictional FF rock band romance.

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Today I wanted to focus on one of Raina's favorite types of guitars and one she plays in the books: The Flying V.

If you've never heard of this kind of guitar before, you might have actually seen it and not realized it! Here's a sign for the Hard Rock Cafe that takes a Flying V's shape:

The Flying V has been around since the 1950s. Rock superstars have used them in abundance in their musical careers. There's something about a Flying V guitar that just shouts "Rock-n-Roll!" To see some pics and footage of 26 different superstars using this iconic guitar, click the pic below! It'll take you to a really cool article I discovered on

The one and only Jimmy Hendrix playing a Flying V.

And finally, just for fun, here's an awesome metal rendition of the song "Let It Go." Most of you will recognize it from the uber-popular Disney movie Frozen. In this cover, the guitarist plays a Flying V, so you can see one in action. By the way, I've listened to this song about 1,000 times over the past couple of years, and it never gets old. Way better than the original if you ask me!




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