Monday, February 23, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Those We Love

This week I bid my best friend's mother adieu. She passed away after battling a long string of illnesses, and though we all know she isn't suffering anymore, it's still a shock to the system for everyone to say goodbye to someone who was a seemingly permanent fixture in our lives.

I was honored to have been requested to write a eulogy, which I read at the funeral. One thing I noticed about this particular funeral is it was a very nice gathering of people who loved her, not just her immediate family. The chapel was packed. There were lots of flowers sent. Everyone felt connected in this time of letting go.

Losing loved ones can be a bittersweet thing--on one hand, there are so many tears and sleepless nights and lost appetites. But on another hand, it brings together those of us who are still living to show that we're all still here for one another, especially during the rough times. It shows people they're not alone. It also reminds people to live their lives to the fullest because there is a finish line, and we all will reach it someday.

But despite losing her to death, I still believe her spirit endures, just not in this immediate setting. So even though we say goodbye, there is that hope we may meet again in another time and space.