Thursday, April 9, 2015

Random Cooking Tip: How Not to Cry While Cutting Onions

I have to share this totally random cooking tip with you because it's strange, and it actually works. Those of you who cook have probably had to slice up an onion before. (Unless you're like me, and you cheat by using the dried onion flakes to avoid it!) But even if you tend to avoid it, sometimes it's still nice to have a fresh, chopped onion in dishes like chili, for instance.

But how do you cut them without getting that horrible stingy-eye that makes you "cry"?

Put a piece of bread in your mouth.

That's it! Just get a piece of sliced bread, bite down on the side of it, and hold it in your mouth. You may have to eat it slowly and adjust it because it sort of dissolves if you hold it long enough, but I swear, it'll keep your eyes from watering while you cut up that onion. It's like magic.

And there's your random blogpost topic for today ;)




  1. Thanks! I will definitely try that next time...

  2. Never heard that one. I slice a lot of onions but they've never made my eyes water. Maybe you adjust over time.

    1. Maybe so - or maybe I'm allergic, as are a lot of other people, and you got lucky and aren't!