Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finally Tried Ice Wine!

I've wanted to try Ice Wine for years and finally got to do it tonight. I went with Jackson Triggs Vidal Ice Wine and was quite pleased with the experience!

Ice Wine typically comes in smaller and/or more slender bottles than other white (or red for that matter) wine does. The one I chose contained only about two modest glasses of wine in the entire bottle. It was also much more expensive than a typical bottle of white wine. That's because it's much more difficult to make this wine, thus more of a treasure. The grapes used to create ice wine are picked when they're frozen on the vine, so the flavor is at its sweetest. The color of the wine is a beautiful golden hue, and the taste is rich and sweet like honey. It's definitely a dessert wine so should be sipped and savored. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not because I'm not a fan of Moscato. But I did like this Ice Wine. I wasn't sharing it with anyone, so I enjoyed both small glasses and took my time to savor them. What a pleasurable experience! I'll definitely return to this wine for special occasions, and I look forward to trying other brands of Ice Wine as well. Definitely recommended. So glad I finally got around to trying it!



Why not have a glass of wine while reading one of my books?


  1. Canada's greatest contribution to wine making. I've been around the Jackson-Triggs vineyard in Niagara. I first had ice wine in Austria and it was Austrian winemakers who first started producing it in Canada, relatively recently (eighties, I think) in Niagara).

    Something Sophie and I get through a lot of when I am over there! It is produced in the US too, especially in Michigan and New York.

    You can get Canadian ice wine in the UK but while EU rules make it difficult for table wine it is easier for ice wine so that three quarters of Canadian wine imported into Britain is Ice Wine. It's expensive here, though. About £50-£60 a half bottle.

    Lovely stuff!

    1. How fun! Yes, I have to say, it met all my high expectations!