Sunday, July 22, 2018

CSCH Spotlight #2: The Magic of Horses

In my new contemporary lesbian romance, CITY SPIRIT, COUNTRY HEART, love interest and country girl Sophia takes main character and city girl Macy to visit her aunt's horses. I wanted to include horses in this book because of my limited but magical personal experience with these creatures when I lived in Bellevue, TX (For more on Bellevue's role in inspiring the fictional town of Lamppost, TX, --> click here <--).

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I was ten years old when I lived in Bellevue, and while there, I had the opportunity to take riding lessons from a young woman who lived in a trailer on some land across the highway. She taught me how to barrel race, which was fun, but I never had any interest in doing it at a rodeo or anything.

She also taught me the difference between a horse's walk, trot, lope, and run. A walk was nice and slow, and a trot felt like riding down a bumpy brick road. The lope was nice and smooth. But the first time the horse took off in a run through the pasture with me on her back, it felt like I was flying. It was truly one of the most exhilarating experiences of my existence.

Horses have intrigued me ever since. I've never owned one, but any chance I get to interact with them, I take. How we could have domesticated such majestic creatures is mind-blowing to me. Happy horses have such a powerful, peaceful aura. Just spending a few minutes in their presence can lift my mood. Feisty, frustrated horses are intimidating to be around; they have the potential to be deadly to humans. I was so happy I had the chance to put these animals in my latest book.

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