Monday, December 17, 2018

Spotlight on "A Twist of Christmas Fate": My Personal Experience at a Santa House

In my new FF Christmas short romance, "A Twist of Christmas Fate," the main character, Kate, gets roped into playing Mrs. Claus at a holiday photo booth in the mall. While she's there, she meets Mickey, who is playing an elf. While many of the details of this story came purely from my imagination, I do have some personal experience playing a Christmas elf!

Here's the embarrassing evidence...

The location where I played an elf back in high school was a beautiful historical home, which made for a perfect real-looking Santa House, much more authentic than the usual mall setup. It was a lot of fun getting to see the joy on all the children's faces as they met Santa, some of them for the first time! Back in the day, I had dreams of being an actress, so dressing up and playing a role was easy for me. I thought it might be fun, however, to create a character who had zero experience acting. So in "A Twist of Christmas Fate," I made Kate a math teacher at a local community college, and I gave her a little bit of social anxiety to boot. She ends up playing Mrs. Claus, not because she planned on it, but more as a favor for a friend. At first she's nervous, but once she's there (especially after she meets Mickey, the gorgeous lady love interest of the tale) she really starts to enjoy the experience.

The story's available through multiple e-book retailers and is only $0.99! It's something sweet and festive to add to your lesbian romance collection. I hope you'll check it out!


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